POS and Accounting System

This project develop for PT Kenari Djaya. Feature and development tools same like Mongindo project which include Point of Sales (POS), General Ledger (Accounting), Account Payable (Purchase Request, Purchase Order, Receiving, Vendor Bill, Payment to Vendor), Account Receivable (Sales Order, Delivery Order, Invoice, Payment & Prepayment), also Inventory (Bon Kuning, Stock Opname, Mutation, Stock Card, Recapitulation) also reporting.

Screen shoot :


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Pruaccess Prudential Indonesia

Pruaccess Prudential is owned by Prudential Indonesia and develop for prudential insurance member which member can see description and progress of investation. Member also can request change of member contact or change allocation of investation type also can top up their investation. Development time take 2 month with eclipse, tomcat, struts, hibernate, MS SQL database and windows environment, also use java mail api and velocity for templating email format.

Screen shoot :

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Chicco Indonesia

This website is chicco Indonesite official site beside international chicco website. Owned by PT. Mensa Bina Sukses, Jakarta Indonesia. This feature of website almost same with international layout and form, like product catalog which devide to range of baby age, membership, shopping location, news, faq, new product, banner & promotion, calendar & event, etc. Development time take 2 months include web design. Tools development like tomcat, eclipse, mysql, java j2sdk, jsp.

Screen shoot :

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Sales Reporting System

Develop for PT Mensa Bina Sukses, Jakarta Indonesia. This reporting system for sales reporting to management. Develop with jChart, iText, j2SDK, JSP, tomcat, eclipse and mysql. Duration for development take abount 1 month.

Screenshoot :

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Accounting System

Develop for a Cargo Company, Jakarta Indonesia. This project has feature general ledger, account payable (AP) like purchase request, purchase order, receiving, vendor bill, payment to vendor, also some inventory part. I use some code of master of accounting core system from previous project then customize and add some code like shipping, document and other which client want.
This project take 3 months and use ecipse, tomcat, struts, hibernate, mysql, iText. jxl, jChart, j2SDK, MS SQL database.

Screen shot :

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POS and Accounting

First POS and Accounting project develop for PT. Mongindo, Tangerang Indonesia. I got this project from IT company which outsource their project to me. Feature of this application are Point of Sales (POS) which interfacing with Epson POS Printer TM-220U serial port (Epson support developer with POS SDK include driver and library), General Ledger, Account Receivable (Sales Order, Delivery Order, Invoice, Prepayment and Customer Payment), Account Payable (Purchase Order, Receiving, Vendor Invoice, Payment to Vendor) also inventory module (catalog, UOM, returning, stock opname, stock card) also reporting with excel and pdf format. This project develop with struts, eclipse, hibernate, jxl (excel library), iText, tomcat, Epson SDK, J2SDK, java comm api and take about 5-6 months.

Sample of screeshot can see below :

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Supply Chain Management (SCM) Siemens Home Appliance Indonesia

Supply Chain Management System project is develop for company Siemens Home Appliance Indonesia. This system build for home product’s siemens, start from purchasing, sales order, delivery order, indent, consignment also reporting. Technology for develop like eclipse, tomcat, struts, hibernate, mysql. This project take time 2 months.

Screen shoot of SCM project is :

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