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Salesman and Surveyor PDA application

Salesman and Surveyor is different GUI application that develop for PDA (Windows Mobile 2003 above). Technology that used was java superwaba (not J2ME compatible) with free JVM and also development kit for developer.

Sample of screen shot PDA application can see below :


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Clinic is web base application for small clinic at Depok, Indonesia. Feature of this application from patient registration, patient attendance, patient diagnosa include doctor assigment. After that doctor check and make diagnose, then decide medical treatment and medicine. Cashier collect data and print of medical treatment and medicine of patient. Also there are some report like daily doctor activity, payment activity, and others.

Technology : Java SDK, Jsp, Tomcat, Hibernate, Struts, iText

Screenshot :

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Inventory Sistem

Develop for PT. Mensa Bina Sukses, Jakarta Indonesia.
Fitur : site, catalog product, stock opname, mutation in, mutation out, scrapping, request of purchase (ROP), Purchase Order

Screen shot :

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Screen shot :

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First Time Yield Mattel Indonesia

First Time Yield (FTY) is GUI base application for PDA (Windows Mobile) and develop for PT Mattel Indonesia, the biggest toy company in the world. This application use for collecting quality insurance data of toy production. Each supervisor of production line collect data with PDA and then synchronize their PDA to PC to synchronize data in txt format file, then java service will parsing txt file and insert into database server.

PDA application develop with Superwaba SDK which free JVM for PDA windows mobile included. There is emulator to help developer developing in PC.

Also java service application run on PC to parsing txt file into MS SQL database develop with java j2SDK and java wrapper.

Screenshoot FTY GUI PDA application :

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Teleorder is web base application for telesales which sales can see agenda of customer then they can call customer by presented data like last order, promotion, hobby and other support data, so this order can be succesfully created by sales, if not there is track record history of tele sales activity.

Succesfully order can be print to continues paper by dot matrix printer, also some report in this application like history tele sales, sales order created and others.

Development time take about 2-3months. Tools of development like eclipse, tomcat, mysql, java j2sdk, jsp, struts and hibernate.

This project develop for PT Mensa Bina Sukses, Jakarta Indonesia.

Sample of screen shot :

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Accounting System

Same as other accounting projects, also there is a little modification of account payable, account receivable also inventory system. This project develop for PT Graco, Indonesia. Take about 3 months.

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